Having recently put together my reading ‘bucket list’, I turned my thoughts to the other side of the desk. As I am a writer of many parts – sports history, craft, business, the odd bit of fiction – so I enjoy writing across a wide range.

Now, with keyboard poised, what would/could/should I write if I have the chance? Here are just a few ideas for my own consideration.

  • A sporting related history. This is already in progress, as I am researching and drafting the history of an abandoned sports venue in Melbourne (Australia).
  • A biography. I would love to write the biography of Lady Rachel Dudley, who was wife of Australia’s Governor General, and who played a huge part in hospital care on the front line in World War One…and so much more.
  • The story of a flower. As Helen O’Neill has written the superb Daffodil: Biography of a Flower (a welcome birthday present), so I would seek to write the story of lavender.
  • Wartime history – battlefield tours. I’m interested in what’s involved in these, and some of the stories around names on memorials. Having worked as a sports historian, I once researched a player who was killed at Bapaume, France, in 1917. We could never find a photo of him (he played just 15 games), and the only image available was of his name on a war memorial.
  • Craft related – stitch by stitch. The characteristics of yarn crafts and crafters around the world.
  • Travel/culture/history – islands around the world, under a certain size, telling their story and sharing their culture.

Those are just a few of the ideas that I have, and some are more defined than others. But they all keep me interested in both researching and writing, and encourage me towards finding great stories and good writing to absorb for my own future endeavours.

PicMonkey Collagelavender
A possible topic for the future – the story of lavender