I’ve been sitting here thinking about Christmas, the New Year and writing in a looping continuum for the last little while.

I’m always looking at different forms of writing and wondering if I could tackle them – epistolary (a story told in letters), magazine articles, time travel writing and biography being favourites – then resolving to either start or continue doing so in the New Year, no matter what.

In between, there is Christmas; that great gathering point of the year that can be both so uniting and so contentious.  I’ll just say that I’ve always loved it, and with another ‘first Christmas’ (my youngest niece) approaching, it elicits nothing but goodwill and good wishes from everyone I know to every corner of the world.

Whatever shape it takes – like my writing – I wish you all the very best for Christmas, and for the year ahead.

A beautiful and bright time – Christmas and the New Year