This year, I resolved to myself to undertake a bit of a challenge.

You know how you get those magazines that look lovely, have ideas in them, you read them – and then they just sit there?

Well, I find that annoying. One of my favourites is The Simple Things, which started in 2012. Every month, it contains interesting ideas, activities and projects.

So, while I am in the southern hemisphere rather than the northern, I felt that there was enough within the pages of this lovely magazine for me to challenge myself to do something special each month. My intention is to proceed as chronologically as possible unless something particular comes up, if there is more than one possibility within an issue, or if the season reversal makes a challenge more relevant to my Australian setting out of date order.

The first issue – like me – is something of a ‘finding its feet’ number. There is a bit of crochet, which I do anyway, and some inspiring content that has helped to keep me purchasing to this day.

photo (5)
The beginning – The Simple Things, Issue 1, 2012

So, in the spirit of taking small steps, I went for a universal challenge in January: Flowers In The House. Yes, I am one of those people who goes through bursts of having many bunches of flowers in vases all over the place, letting them turn to dust, and then not repeating the effort until many months later. I am also less prone to bring flowers inside in hot weather. Needless to say, it has been very hot here recently!

Here, then, are the results, combined with a beautiful book that made its way to me for Christmas.

Flowers for the house