Whether you need an annual report compiled and checked, a website interview piece researched and written, or detailed proofreading undertaken, I can cater for your requirements. As a professional historian and published author (The Grand Old Flag, The Demon, AFL Record, Footy Dogs and Heroes to name a few) who has been involved in producing books, magazines and website content for over two decades, I have extensive writing and research ability, complemented by valuable contacts throughout the communications industry.

My writing experience has taken me from PhD theses to brochures about tractors and beef jerky.  I enjoy putting words together effectively and efficiently, adjusting content to style guides and specific requirements as they arise. I am also experienced in creating written pieces for special occasions and milestones, ranging from magazines to full blown celebratory books, with the odd speech thrown in for good measure.

The ‘About’ section
Most organisations and individuals have a compelling story to tell.  Sadly, I often see a few cursory lines on websites or in brochures that give no real indication of the personalities and experience involved. Providing interested parties with a sense of connection and attachment through telling your story and filling in that sparse ‘about’ section can only help attract more people to you. My special skill lies in collecting, creating and conveying memorable human stories with empathy and enjoyment.

Proofreading and Editing
Here we have the furniture polish, dusting and vacuuming of the written world. I appreciate being able to take raw text and tweak it to its very best, positively rejoicing when I find a spelling mistake, misplaced number or obvious grammatical error to repair. It is all about making words work in the best way possible by creating consistency and clear reading, while also being realistic and adaptable.

This is a broad term for the inevitable fossicking and investigating that makes my world tick. Whether it involves finding and captioning dozens of sepia images, or undertaking interviews to help portray a family, business/organisation, occasion, club or milestone in a publication or audiovisual format, it is all valuable and memorable for everyone involved.


Having played a part in the creation of everything from books to magazines, DVDs and memorabilia prints, I have many reliable third party contacts, particularly in the following areas:

– Web/graphic design (I look forward to utilising these good people myself in the near future)
– Printing
– Mail house logistics
– Filming/general audiovisual recording.


My rates start at $50 per hour, with overall costs, timelines and services to be determined and agreed upon as precisely as possible at the start of any assignment.  For larger projects, I ask for a $100 deposit to facilitate initial planning and legwork.

I am not registered for/do not charge GST.


0419 347 284
Instagram – @lyndapc

 ABN – 56 427 965 882


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