When you know your way around the written word, it makes life in general a great deal easier.

Just think about it; everything from workplace reports to writing novels requires a level of familiarity with words and how they work.

The primary key to gaining this familiarity?  Read.  Yes, it’s as easy as that. The more you delve into words around your area of interest, the easier it will become to put together your own version of words. You will also learn from constant contact what works, what is good material – and not so good – and how you can create your own voice.

Here are a couple of tips born of experience:

  • As well as reading widely, make sure to read your own work. It is then that you will find your own sense of rhythm, identify problem areas, and generally feel more comfortable with your creations.
  • Don’t be afraid of writing. You can always easily check spelling, add punctuation, and take assurance that grammatical conventions are just that; conventions, not cast iron rules. Some tweaking is always possible, and – if in doubt – there are many resources for checking.

In general, just get out there and write. The more you put your world into words, the easier it becomes; and what better way is there of making your mark in the world?


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